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A Unique and Ongoing Financial Plan

Our thorough financial planning process helps you clarify and refine your goals, develop a step-by-step plan for working toward those goals and track your progress over time. Our team includes seasoned professionals who have the knowledge, experience, practice, and education to provide comprehensive financial planning services to help you balance your needs of today with your dreams for the future.

Financial Planning involves many elements and our professional opinion may include recommendations for the following:

Retirement Planning

We will plan for the retirement you’ve long anticipated, whether that means a vacation home, traveling, enjoying the great outdoors, continuing with work or starting a new passion, performing charity work, enjoying family & grandkids, or some sort of new chapter of your life!

Education Funding

For you, your children, grandchildren or anyone else you wish to assist. We evaluate Education Funding strategies which are in balance with your other financial goals.

Estate Planning

You will be well equipped for meeting with an attorney, ensuring that your estate plan works in concert with your overall financial plan. In addition, we will accompany you on your meetings to help facilitate the various thought processes and smooth implementation.

Tax Planning

We will help prepare you and participate with your CPA so that this important aspect of your comprehensive financial plan is properly integrated.

Insurance Planning & Workplace Benefits

We will review, analyze, and make recommendations on various aspects of insurance including life, long-term care, and disability to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage. We will help you evaluate your workplace benefits, as well to see how they may help in solving for your needs.

Business Planning

We will help you with your business as it integrates with all the other moving parts of your financial life, including the possible sale and or succession planning. We will work in concert with other professionals such as attorneys and accountants, again, to provide continuity of your overall financial plan.

Special Purchase Planning

We will help you plan for other special goals such as buying a second home, home improvements, weddings, or one that once-in-a-lifetime vacation with your entire family!